I am an 18 year old aspiring Olympian in the amazing sport of Judo. I have overcome massive obstacles just to be able to continue training, let alone competing- give My story a read.

I now want to share my journey to the Olympics and give as many people as possible an insight into the life of an aspiring Olympic level athlete; which entails everything from day to day living (diet etc.) to the intense mental and physical endurance. But also, the fruits of this labour include the perks of travelling around the globe.

It is the profound truth that a Judoka is not just qualified by the judo mat, for the judo mat- it is a way of being.

“Judo is the way to the most effective use of both physical and spiritual strength. By training you in attacks and defenses it refines your body and your soul and helps you make the spiritual essence of Judo a part of your very being. In this way, you are able to perfect yourself and contribute something of value to the world. This is the final goal of Judo discipline.”

– Jigoro Kano, the father of Judo

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